A number of options are available for our coops. Here are some of the most requested:

Extra Doors

Extra upper doors are available, either screened (for the summer) or solid panel (for the winter). Many customers who own the Brentwood have a set of four solid doors and two screen doors. In other words, they order two extra solid doors.

Since our doors are interchangeable, you may wish to purchase them with your coop, or at a later time. The price per door is $39.

Automatic Door

A recent customer requested that we install an automatic door in their Brentwood Coop. We’re pleased to announce that not only is this possible, it looks great! The door, installed on the back side of the coop, does not interfere with our existing sliding doors. This option is available for an additional $275. Existing customers can also have their coop modified on-site!