Our coops are available in either Cedar or Pine, the more popular being Cedar. (The photographs and videos show Cedar coops.)

Cedar is a natural renewable material, which we seal to improve its already excellent water shedding capabilities. It is highly resistant to insects and to water and requires very little maintenance. As with all cedar, it can be sealed, but it can not be painted. (Cedar has natural oils which protect the wood internally. These oils cause latex based paints to peel and bubble over time.)

Pine is also a natural renewable material, which we have introduced for those customers who would prefer a paintable surface. In its natural state it is not resistant to insects or water, so will require a high quality stain and seal, or paint. All pine coops can be ordered with a natural sealer, or bare wood. Please note that bare wood must be painted by the end user.

For all versions, the four upright posts will be in cedar. Cedar is important for these parts, as it is highly resistant to termites and to rot.

Note that if you are considering moving the unit on a regular basis, Cedar is recommended due to its lighter weight. The Cedar models of our coops weigh a third less than the Pine models.

You may have read some about concerns with using Cedar around chickens. Cedar contains natural oils which protect the wood from boring predators (this is the oil which gives the Cedar its distinct scent). The concern about using Cedar primarily relates to the use of Cedar as bedding materials (shavings and sawdust). This should be avoided. Cedar as a building material is very common for bird boxes and houses (many Owl Boxes are other large bird houses use Cedar).