Can I keep chickens in Copperas Cove?

From the Killeen Daily Herald:

The council voted unanimously [on June 2, 2015] to amend Chapter 3, Animals and Fowl Regulations of the Cove Code of Ordinances, to allow residents to keep up to six hens on property within the city limits.

Chicken coops will be required to be a minimum of 20 feet from neighboring homes, residents must inform the animal control department they are keeping chickens on their residence and roosters still will not be allowed.

Other requirements to keep chickens included authorized fences: Chicken wire and electric fences still will not be allowed on private residences within city limits and are restricted to agricultural use only.

While a lengthy debate concerning size requirements for coops occurred, it was finally decided the city could not regulate it as long as the chickens were kept humanely.

Residents who already have chickens will have their chicken coops grandfathered in as long as there are no complaints, but will still be required to register with animal control.

How loud are chickens?

Not very. In our very dog friendly area you’ll more likely here a bark than a hen clucking.

How do I keep my neighbors happy?

First, if the coop is going to be visible, make sure you have a nice one. Our coops were designed from the ground-up to be attractive looking. (We originally started in Austin, where lots are small and neighbors are close.) Second, it’s a good idea to keep your hens in an enclosed coop with runs. This prevents the hens from getting into others property. And, more importantly, keeps your hens safe from predators. Third, keep your coop as far away from property lines as possible. The general rule of thumb is to keep the coop at least 25 feet away from a neighbors home.

How do I protect from predators?

All of our coops and runs use 1/4″ hardware cloth. This prevents animals from “reaching in” and grabbing hens or eggs. If you find burrowing animals to be a problem, we recommend laying down hardware cloth on the ground — basically creating a “moat” around the coop and run. We can discuss in more detail during your visit.

What kid of warranty do you have?

We use the highest quality materials for our coops. All coops and runs come with a one year warranty on parts and labor. We service what we sell, so if you have a problem, come to us and we’ll make sure that you leave happy.

Why not buy an imported coop — aren’t they are cheaper?

Imported coops are fine, but keep in mind that we service what we sell. If you have a problem, you come to us. No out of state call center to contact, but real people in your neighborhood who want you to be delighted in your purchase. However, we realize that our coops are not inexpensive. A good way to start out is to buy a less expensive coop and then upgrade to one of our premium products. You’ll be glad you came to us.

Where are your coops made?

All of our coops are proudly made in the USA by people who live in your community. Prior to January 2015, we were located in Austin, TX. We’re now in Copperas Cove, TX. All of our coops and runs are made in Copperas Cove, using locally sourced materials.

Where are you located?

We are on Seven Mile Mountain, in Copperas Cove. We’re conveniently located off FM 116 south, a minute away from the new 190 bypass exit. So, if you are coming from Killeen, Lampasas, or parts in between, we’re easy to get to.