As of January 1, 2015 we have moved out of Austin. Due to this move we will no longer be able to accept Austin-area orders. We will still be supporting all existing customers. 

Shipping is expensive. Many manufacturers have pricing which includes shipping. What they don’t often make clear is that a significant portion of your purchase price is the shipping cost. Frankly, we would rather sell our units locally at a reasonable price, than make them un-affordable.

We can arrange to deliver the units personally. At this time we can offer delivery within  southern Coryell, western Bell, and eastern Lampasas counties.  Delivery is an extra cost. We believe in fairness, and will only charge actual costs. The minimum delivery charge (to Copperas Cove) is about $50. Plan on spending $75 to $150 on delivery costs (truck rental, insurance, gas, mileage, rental tax).

Chicken Coop Delivery Rates

U-Haul Truck Rental (10′) $19.95
U-Haul Environmental Fee $1.00
Safemove Insurance (truck and contents) $14.00
Mileage Charge (per mile) $0.79
Fuel Charge (per mile) $0.40
Rental Tax 10%

Pick Ups

If you have a truck with a hitch, you may choose to rent a U-Haul 6′ x 12′ open trailer. This unit has unlimited mileage and costs $29.95 per day, plus insurance and taxes. The 6×12 trailer will haul a Brentwood coop (on its side), a 6′ run, and a run adapter. Several customers have successfully used this trailer for local deliveries.