Coop Runs

Our runs are available in two different configurations: Single or Dual opening.

Our Single Opening Chicken Run can be used with any of our coop models and is recommended if you wish to give your chickens some space to run around, while being protected by daytime predators, such as hawks.

The unit is 3 feet wide, 6 feet long, and 2 feet high. It is made out of cedar, so is resistant to weather and insects. The wire covering is 1/2″ hardware cloth, the same found in our coops. Our braced square construction results in a strong, yet lightweight, run. The upright posts use our standard 2×2 cedar.

The unit is very easy to set up. Simply butt it against one of the lower chicken coop doors, stake down with standard tent stakes, and you are done. Our sliding door design on the coops mean that sealing the run from the coop at night is easy, too.

The Dual Opening Run, available for an additional cost, includes a door at one end. This allows you to place food or water inside without having to lift the run. It also affords the chickens another doorway to the outside world.

If you need more flexibility for your site, consider adding a 90 Degree Run Adapter as well.

All Chicken Runs are made with full-width 1×4 material. This affords a stronger, harder to flip, unit. This is important if you have predators in your area.


The Single Opening Run is $135, plus tax.
The Dual Opening Run is $165, plus tax.
The 90 Degree Run Adapter is $95, plus tax.